Ocean Spray

Digital Brand Campaign


Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, Ocean Spray briefed us to create a single-minded campaign for their ambient product. Our task was to help shift perception of the brand, from a narrow, problem focused brand… to a much broader, health & wellness brand.


The power of touch and immunity. Even as adults, touch helps regulate our digestion and sleep, and even boosts our immune systems. Hugging can also help our bodies fight off infections, according to a 2014 study conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.


Our creative focused on how hugging not only made you feel good, but also had a positive effect on your immune system. Ocean Spray has also been proved to benefit your immune system as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Delivered as 3 short YouTube pre roll adverts, our creative was shot in the subject’s home via a webcam… all directed remotely so as to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Each participant detailed what it was that helped them ‘feel good every day’. They all answered that hugs and hugging were what they needed, and were certainly missing whilst the country was in lockdown.

Our creative brought to life these very personal accounts, whilst weaving in the product messaging towards the end.

Video creative ran on YouTube, targeted at 45+, health conscious women. Digital out of home was also delivered to front of store at major Sainsburys stores as animated 6 sheet posters.

Each participant detailed what it was that helped them ‘feel good every day’.