Ocean Spray

Immunity Campaign


Launched at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the campaign sets out to help consumers who are seeking ways to manage their everyday health by supporting their immune system.


At a time when consumers were more concerned about building their everyday immunity, we wanted to highlight that drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Original juice, a product that contains high levels of vitamin C, is a great way to support your immune system every day.


The immunity message is brought to life with a playful, animated story that communicates the key benefits of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The creative used a playful animation in an unusual horizontal delivery, which helped tell the story in a charming way, using subtle animation and a friendly voice over.

The message was delivered as a simple and engaging 10” YouTube film, targeting our core target of ‘healthy optimists’.

The campaign was also extended to Tesco website banners & social media activity through May and June this year.