Ocean Spray

Social campaign


Ocean Spray wanted to increase their brand relevance within a broader target audience. Brand awareness was high, but not translating into purchases. Despite high prompted awareness, the brand faced low consideration when it came to purchases.

Our objective was to bridge this gap and make Ocean Spray more appealing to a younger demographic.

Creative approach

To excite a savvy younger audience we had to break from traditional advertising norms. Our research uncovered a shared sentiment of fatigue with the influencer culture dominating social media.

We saw an opportunity to leverage this insight and create a quirky and unconventional campaign — “FOR GOODNESS SAKE, JUST DRINK IT!”

We enlisted the talents of actor/comedian Marina Bye, to produce a series of influencer-style films that humorously conveyed the message: simplify your life and health by just enjoying Ocean Spray juice.

The campaign tapped into the desire for social media stardom while poking fun at the often extravagant influencer culture.


To optimise our reach and engagement, we strategically launched the creative on TikTok and Instagram, where algorithms could amplify the campaign’s visibility and extend its impact to a wider audience.

The campaign generated a huge buzz and brand awareness. Our humourous scroll-stopping content connected with consumers on an emotional level by portraying a relatable character attempting to be an influencer, resonating with the desire many people have to go viral on social media.

We were not only able to close the gap between consideration and purchase but also build the brand’s personality and character in a memorable and playful way.


We saw great results on TikTok, reaching over 2 million people of our target audience and delivering just under 7 million impressions. This was a 28% and 84% uplift against our KPIs for these measurements respectively.

On both platforms two thirds of the campaign was delivered to our younger target audience of 25-34 year old females.

On Meta we reached 1.4 million people of our target audience and delivered just under 4 million impressions.