Ocean Spray

NPD Launch


We were briefed to launch PINK in the summer – a brand SPARKLING new drink from Ocean Spray. It’s delicious, it’s fizzy – and it’s absolutely crammed with Vitamin C (as well as being low in calories and sugar).


We looked to target a very underserved section of the market when it comes to fizzy drinks – health conscious women between 35-54. PINK is a perfect on-the-g0 choice for these women – it’s refreshing, tasty and best of all completely free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.


It was an absolute no brainer to shine a light on all these amazing product benefits – so the ‘Bubbles with Benefits’ campaign was born.

We created both product and lifestyle imagery, giving us a suite of beautiful assets to show the product in different settings. From this, we created a campaign key visual that reflected all that’s great about the product. 

This gave us a look and feel that could be rolled out across everything – from a double page spread in The Grocer, to stands in physical and virtual trade shows. 

There was no stopping us from here – we created a guidelines document and a range of shopper assets for all the key retailers. Animated digital 6 sheets, aisle fins, barkers, press advertising. 

You name it, we did it.

It was an absolute no brainer to shine a light on all the amazing product benefits of PINK Cranberry.