Ocean Spray

Shopper & digital


Ocean Spray challenged us to introduce PINK – their new Cranberry drink – to the market in a way that goes beyond the typical pack shot with a drink beside it.

Our challenge was to grab attention, stand out in stores, and adhere to Pink’s disruptive playful positioning while incorporating classic category cues and branding elements.


Our strategy for introducing Pink Cranberry involved a thoughtful blend of disruptive creativity and loyal adherence to Ocean Spray’s brand values.

Our key visual featured a striking split-down-the-pack design, ensuring a visually impactful presence on store shelves. The headline, “Juice Done Differently,” took centre stage, echoing the brand’s commitment to breaking routines and challenging preconceptions about cranberries.

We translated this concept into an attention-grabbing campaign, crafted to drive awareness, spark consideration, and prompt consumer trials.


High-Reach Social Campaign

Leveraging scroll-stopping animation, we introduced a high-reach social media campaign. This not only featured our thirst-busting communication line but also aimed to capture the audience’s attention in the crowded digital space.

Influencer-Style Content

Crafting four native influencer-style content pieces, we showcased Pink Cranberry in authentic, relatable scenarios. These content pieces went beyond traditional advertising, focusing on product usage and creative recipe ideas.

In-Store Strategy

We strategically deployed eye-catching point-of-sale materials designed to build awareness, setting Pink apart from competitors, and creating a cohesive brand experience across both physical and digital platforms.


We saw great results on TikTok for the Pink Campaign, reaching 2.1 million people and delivering 5.5 million impressions. We experienced similar success on Meta reaching 1.7 million people and delivering 6.3 million impressions.