Peter’s Yard

Sainsbury's Digital Campaign


With limited distribution, we wanted to drive awareness & sales of Peter’s Yard’s new Sourdough Bites in selected Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores.

At the same time we needed to amplify & support their current messaging – to reach as many shoppers as possible.


Geo-targeted social advertising around selected Sainsbury’s & Waitrose.

Our plan used 168 Sainsbury’s stores and the top 78 Waitrose stores.

Targeting ‘Foodie’ females aged 24-45 with interests including Cooking, Foodies and Sainsbury’s / Waitrose, providing a total available Audience of 2 million!

We delivered a rich, animated & impactful 10 second ad on social (with an optimum frequency) over a two week campaign period to drive awareness and consideration (therefore making people more likely to buy).


We measured a 16% increase in sales from target stores vs control stores.

The campaign reached 1.4 million targeted consumers.

The campaign reached 1.4 million targeted consumers.