Pork Farms

Summer Campaign


We were really excited to start work on our first campaign for Pork Farms – a digital awareness campaign for their pork pies to run over the summer.


Loads of people have heard of Pork Farms – but they don’t necessarily think too much about when they’re shopping for summer food. So we needed to put these tasty pies firmly back on people’s radars. 

In particular, we needed to get people thinking about Pork Farms pies when shopping for that great British summer occasion – the picnic! 

The client came to us with a snazzy new look & feel for the brand – we couldn’t wait to get to work on using it in whatever we came up with creatively.


We shot and created a playful stop-frame animation – recreating a picnic scene with a Pork Farms pie at its heart. 

The Pork Farms pie unwraps to reveal a summery kaleidoscopic animation – as if that ‘summer feeling’ will be unleashed as soon as the pie is unwrapped at a picnic. 

This was reinforced with the tagline ‘Get that Summer Filling’ – a fun play on words to perfectly link the pie’s contents with summer. 

It ran across YouTube and Facebook throughout the summer, targeted specifically at those most likely to be interested in buying Pork Farms pork pies


Sales increased by over 14% over the summer months