SC Johnson

Try Me Free


SC Johnson came to us to create an on pack activation to get people trying (and loving) their Duck Fresh Disc range.


We created a ‘money-back’ guarantee activation (money is a great motivator!) to increase trial of Duck Fresh Discs. If someone wasn’t entirely satisfied with the product, they’d get their money back. Simple. 

Appearing on pack and in-store, the ‘Try me love me’ campaign gave the consumer the opportunity to claim their money back by uploading a receipt of what they’d bought. They also needed to give us a (valid!) reason why they didn’t love the Discs.  

Entries to the promotion were managed by our ProMotor platform and once validated, we could offer refunds.

An on-pack ‘money back’ guarantee with a difference.


There was a huge uplift in trial against what was expected! After we did our sums, we worked out that a 4% boost in sales resulted in a monumental 300% ROI.