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Spontex approached us with a desire to create an engaging digital campaign that would drive conversions for their product range in physical stores. Their goal was to boost in-store conversions during Q1 2023 by connecting a digital campaign with in-store purchases through a promotional mechanic.

Spontex Little Wins


We understand that cleaning holds emotional significance for many consumers. Our insights indicate that even the simplest acts, like having a spotless oven or a sparkling kitchen floor, can bring moments of satisfaction. It’s often the small things that bring us the most joy.


Introducing the “Little Wins” promotion—a concept aimed at recreating those delightful moments of satisfaction by offering individuals a chance to experience daily rewards that bring a touch of joy to their day, much like the cleaning power of Spontex products.

The promotion consisted of six short films, each showcasing a different cleaning scenario or “Little Win” that culminated in a dancing hand gliding across a sparkling surface. 

After purchasing their Spontex product, consumers were encouraged to visit the website to check if they had won a “Little Win” prize. Winners had the opportunity to receive gift cards ranging from £25 to £100 at their preferred retailers.

Recognising the inclusive nature of the promotion, Spontex wanted everyone to feel like a winner. As a result, they extended a generous offer to all participants, granting them a 20% discount on their next purchase.


Over the 6 week course of the promotion we had a grand total of 10,110 entries. We think that this was a really strong amount of entries considering that the promotion wasn’t on pack or in store. We also thought that the notion of Little Wins well and truly connected with Spontex consumers. Overall, 8.39 million impressions were delivered across Meta and YouTube for this promotion.