Squeaky Bean



In 2022, we were engaged by Squeaky Bean to lead their shopper marketing and digital targeting activities to increase penetration of Squeaky Bean by bringing in new shoppers to the brand and increasing ROS at a store level.


In terms of engaging vegans, there are a variety of media of which these users of vegan products are particularly likely to be amongst the top fifth of consumers.  These include outdoor media (53% more likely) and social media (48% more likely)


While young females are a significant target group for veganism, plant-based meals are eaten by a far broader demographic and one representative of the larger population, so we set out to grow the audience and bring in wider audiences of meat reducers.


With ‘flexitarians’ prompts to try new products mostly come from word of mouth, in store promotions and offers (56%), plus in store discovery also features strongly (53%).  So, making the product more discoverable in-store and creating talkability would both have a big impact. 


With this audience, social media can play a part in promoting brand discovery (awareness / consideration).


With paid social support, developed a plan to build awareness and consideration with category buyers pre-shop, targeting a broad audience of category shoppers, where we defined a core target shopper for the brand.


We optimised the paid social digital with creative testing to identify key themes in the creative and messaging that would increase shopper engagement.


Closer to the store, we created communications to build awareness and differentiate ourselves from competitors by utilising targeted high-impact in-store placements that direct customers to Squeaky Bean. These communications were tailored to our shoppers’ mindsets at various points along their in-store journey, up to the point of purchase.