St Austell

On trade digital campaign


Due to the changing beer landscape, Nicholson’s Pubs launched a brand new pump clip to help their Pale Ale stand out at the bar,

We were tasked with raising the awareness of Nicholson’s Pale Ale amongst lapsed and new drinkers, whilst simultaneously driving trial in Nicholson’s pubs where the beer is exclusively availabl


Our target audience was young male professionals with an existing interest in craft beer, as this audience would be open to trialling new beer drinking experiences. We identified that their key consumption habits were that they regularly drunk at lunchtime or after work, towards the end of the working week.

Central London was the specific target area due to the density of Nicholson’s pubs locations, and also the large number of lunchtime and after work drinkers in London.

In order to appeal to our audience we highlighted a number of key messages. Firstly the taste, and secondly the tradition behind the brand. By combining these messages we could create an innovative, exciting and creative campaign.

By linking the advertising to the Nicholsons app we could, simultaneously drive consumers to the download the app to try a pint of Nicholson’s for £1.


Location-based social activation campaign targeting beer drinkers around central London locations.

The campaign execution took the form of a high impact, mobile-optimised, 15 second video posts on Facebook. This championed three key factors; the beer’s taste, the new pump clip and the enticing atmosphere of the Nicholson’s Pubs.

The call to action directed consumers to the download the app to try a pint of Nicholson’s for £1, this also influenced our facebook targeting.

The location-based Facebook advertising was geo-targeted around pub locations in London, which combined with interest overlays targeting over half a million professionals with an interest in ale and craft beer, made it a highly targeted social campaign

The advertising was deployed on Thursday and Fridays between 11.30am and 8pm. This was to ensure Nicholsons was front of mind when the audience were most likely thinking about relaxing with a great beer!