On-Pack Promotion


We were briefed to drive awareness and consideration of the Swizzels’ ‘Variety Sweets’ range. This was always going to be a fun one to work on.

We needed to grab attention in-store and on shelf to boost appeal to the target audience – so we were asked to build a really exciting platform that could become a centrepiece for a wider Swizzels campaign.


We know that for most kids (and adults!) a sweet factory is a magical and wondrous place, where young minds can only imagine what goes on inside… what might you see, what would you taste, what could you make?

And there we had our insight. Could we create a wonderful and magical promotion based around the mystery of the Swizzels factory? Why not go full Willy Wonka? 


Alongside the Swizzels team, we created a promotion that centred around an exclusive tour of the Swizzels factory. There were only five of these amazing prizes to be won and all people had to do was find the Golden Love Hearts pack in their Swizzels promotional bag. Sweet!

And as if that wasn’t enough, for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to find a golden roll there was the chance to win 1 of 10,000 Mr Swizzels cuddly toys. 

People were asked to head to our microsite and enter their pack code for a chance to win – where ‘wins’ were decided via a clever algorithm created by our very own Promotor platform. 

The promotion was promoted on pack and advertised through in-store media, such as fully branded FSDUs. 

We also created a series of social animations to tease, launch and shout about the promotion, using a mix of real-life factory footage and playful animation. 

Willy Wonka eat your heart out…


The promotion ended in May 2022 and resulted in a sales uplift of over 8%. Sweet!