Golden Wonder

Social campaign


The challenge was dead simple – relaunch the cult classic Transform-A-Snack to a younger audience. 

Transform-A-Snack is a much loved snack, sometimes seen as a bit retro as it’s fondly remembered by an older audience. 

We needed to create a campaign to remind people of the joy of Transform-A-Snack – reigniting that nostalgia to the older audience and introducing it to a younger audience – all through social media.



A bit of research online told us that the brand was loved for its playful nature. 

When people were reintroduced to the snack, they felt a rush of nostalgia. And who doesn’t like being taken back to ‘the good ol’ days’?! People used to love creating ‘out of this world’ vehicles with their snacks. Back in the days when playing with your food was actively encouraged.


So ‘Star In You Own Epic Adventure’ was born!

We invited people online to submit their own ‘epic’ adventures using ‘Captain Crunch’ and their own ‘out of this world’ vehicle (made from the snack, obviously), for their chance to be featured in the campaign (instant fame!) as well as a load of technology goodies. 

We used the one and only ‘Jim’ll Paint It’ – an artist who has his own cult following on social media. His style of bringing unusual scenarios to life using Paint was absolutely spot on for this campaign. 

He painted each winners’ epic adventure in his own style – creating an image that made the competition winner an instant hero. 

Each of these adventures was then turned into a mobile movie – creating more social content than you could shake a stick at. We showed all this content across all the usual channels – specifically to a sci-fi and gaming audience (right up their alley I think you’ll agree) – renewing plenty of fresh interest in an already great brand.


The campaign got the attention of over 4.5 million people with over 10 million impressions on Facebook. We received more than 300 Transform-A-Snack epic story entries, showing just how much we managed to appeal to people’s sense of creativity.

All this interaction had the desired effect, helping a much loved brand get some much needed attention.

All this interaction had the desired effect, helping a much loved brand get some much needed attention.