Brand campaign


Rubbing shoulders with giants like Greggs, Ginsters and Pukka has meant that the pastry market has always been a competitive space for Wall’s.

Our challenge was to drive 3 things; Awareness, consideration and trial to remind our consumers that when it comes to sausage rolls, there’s only one true contender.  


We had three main strategies: Create memorability with a catchy line – grab attention with an eye-catching campaign and get the product into as many hands as possible, with a fun free-trialling solution. 


By working through their strategic challenges, audience insights, and brand proposition we landed on a brand line to bring their comms together under a single, unifying idea;


When hunger calls grab a Wall’s! 

Working closely with the brand we used this line to create the ultimate attention-seeking campaign centred around driving awareness, consideration and trial.


META and YouTube 

First up, we created a high-reach campaign using a scroll-stopping animation and our hunger-busting comms line.  With a Monty Python-esq animation style and quirky soundtrack, our ad looks set to get some serious views and clicks.


Media partnership 

Our second burst of activity comes from a combined effort between Wall’s and our new friends over at On the Tools.  

On the Tools is the UK’s largest online construction-based community where a lot of our target audience resides. We wanted to tap into their network to create a connection between the brand and the trade community, to help deliver that all-important “When hunger calls…” message. 

To do so, we created a series of social content that sat across the OTT social platforms. The posts themselves featured footage from our ‘Wall’s Street Challenge’ filmed with actual tradespeople on the streets of Nottingham. Participants took part for the chance to win some hunger-busting Wall’s products in return for completing the Wall’s Street mini-games! The resulting content is hilarious and more importantly, reaching a huge percentage of our tradespeople audience with relevant content to increase awareness and consideration of the Wall’s brand. 


10,000 free sausage rolls

And the final trick up our sleeve… giving away 10,000 free Wall’s jumbo sausage rolls! * mic drop *

By using a digital coupon feature and advertising the offer via Facebook and Instagram we’re giving away 10,000 Jumbo Rolls on the house. Our audience will be targeted with a bespoke creative calling out the offer. Then, they click and simply complete a lead generation form for a coupon to be sent directly to their phone via text message. They take the coupon to any participating Tesco store and BAM, free Wall’s sausage roll! 

All three elements create the ultimate attention-seeking trifecta, driving awareness, driving consideration and driving trial simultaneously. High five! 


By combining our results from YouTube and Meta with the results from the folks over at On the Tools we have, drumroll, please…

Reached 5.5M people 

Landed 13.5M impressions 

And recorded 4M views! 

Come back in a few month’s time for the results of our sampling activity…
Watch this space!