Whitley Neill

On-Pack promotion


The Beer, Wine & Spirits category is notoriously competitive, and gin is no exception to the rule! When Whitley Neill reached out to us for support an NPD launch, we jumped at the chance to help launch Pineapple gin and Peach gin in Sainsbury’s.

All we needed was a reason for shoppers to pick up a bottle… A standout on-pack promotion springs to mind!


Shoppers are habitual people, often going back to the same product they know and love. But, we also know that once shoppers try a new product and love it, they make repeat purchases!

We know that the Pineapple gin and Peach gin are delicious, so we needed to give an added incentive to break the habitual shopping cycle for consumers.


We created a promotion centred around ‘The Whitley Neill Experience’, an experience like no other!

The promotion was brought to life using a neck hanger, where we were offering one winner (and three guests) the chance to win a Whitley Neill Distillery Experience with an overnight stay in London. Our winners discovered how Whitley Neill gin is made and were even able to create their very own bottle of personalised gin. Yes…I’m jealous too! All they had to do was upload their receipt as proof as purchase on our specially designed Whitley Neill microsite. Easy-peasy. 

We were also giving away weekly Whitley Neill Gin Kits so that our runners-up could have their own Whitley Neill Experience from the comfort of their own homes. These gin kits included everything needed for a delicious and refreshing gin-based cocktail. Yum. 

To support the on-pack promotion, we also produced an eye-catching barker for Sainsbury’s stores, making sure to land another touchpoint in the shopper journey to encourage purchases! 


The promotion sat across 20k units and ran over a total of 12 weeks in Sainsbury’s stores. Not only did we have some seriously happy winners (yay!), but Sainsbury’s has also decided that the Pineapple gin and Peach gin is here to stay! 

Don’t just take our word for it though, head to your local Sainsbury’s and try it for yourselves! Cheers! 

All we needed was a reason for shoppers to pick up a bottle… A standout on-pack promotion springs to mind!