Whole Earth

Digital & In-store


Whole Earth wanted to drive sales (nothing new there!) by getting people to buy their peanut butter more frequently throughout the year.

They also wanted to steal market share from their competitors, such as Nutella and Sun Pat.


In a bold move – we decided to concentrate on trying to introduce peanut butter into Pancake Day! People tended to go for the usual lemon and sugar combo – or perhaps Nutella or maple syrup if they were a tad more adventurous.

We asked ourselves – is there a reason we shouldn’t be encouraging people to consider using (our) peanut butter instead of the same old, same old on Pancake Day??


The answer? No – there wasn’t!

With a clever play on words, we encouraged people to #fliptradition on Pancake Day. This hashtag combined with our ‘Go Nuts!’ headline provided impactful communications that appeared in and around stores as well as online.

We also provided recipe inspiration, so that once we planted the seed of using peanut butter on Pancake Day, people could also see the best ways to use it. These were all housed on a handy microsite (that we also made, obviously!).

A digital & in-store campaign taking peanut butter into a whole new occasion – Pancake Day.