On Pack Promotion


We were briefed to create an on-pack activation, exclusive to Tesco, to drive sales of Żubrówka Bison Grass vodka. Our key aim was to drive sales via stand-out and appeal on the shelf. We needed to increase brand relevance, interest, and understanding whilst also communicating the brand’s key signature cocktail serve… the delicious Apple Zu!


We knew that our core target audience was centered around millennials. Research showed that this age group liked to discover and share new and exciting experiences, and craved experiences over things! This led us to create a promotion around travel. However, it was 2020 and Covid-19 lockdowns would prove that to be quite a challenge! The demand for UK breaks were soaring, so if we could tie this neatly into the brand, we had our promotional idea.


Żubrówka Bison Grass originates from the forest, using natural ingredients and unique flavours. So, our aim was to tie in nature/ naturalness and UK travel.


We found the perfect partner for our promotion – Forest Holidays. Our promotion highlighted the brand’s forest heritage and also the consumer’s love for travel and experiences, by giving people the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the wild with UK weekend forest breaks. 


Not only that, but we also provided a cocktail kit on arrival so that our consumers could enjoy our signature cocktail together, the delicious Apple Zu. There were 11 UK breaks to be won, plus cocktail kits to giveaway to runners-up each week, too. 


The promotion was advertised via a neck hanger on the bottle and ran for 11 weeks. Consumers were asked to upload their proof of purchase to our Żubrówka microsite, run by our Promotor platform.


The promotion proved very popular with our consumers and received a very impressive 11% entry rate. 


Due to the success of this promotion in 2020, we re-ran the promotion again across further retailers in 2021.