On-Pack Promotion


In an increasingly busy and competitive flavoured vodka market, we were briefed to not only stand out in store but, critically, connect with consumers in store, and drive awareness and consideration of Żubrówka’s three products; Bison Grass, Biala, and Rosé.


All Żubrówka products are bound by a set of common elements, and a common story, built on the heritage, the forest, natural ingredients, and unique flavours. We wanted to bring this story to life through an activation that builds unique brand experiences around a ‘taste real nature’ message.

Building on this, everyone has experienced the calming power of nature during the pandemic and continues to do so. So an activation centered around ‘taste real nature’ was timely and was key to our promotional messaging and prizes.


We created on an pack promotion which sat across the three SKUs in the Żubrówka family, offering consumers a chance to get out and ‘taste real nature’ via five UK luxury glamping breaks. Winners would have the choice of geodome camping, a glamping pod break, or a luxury stay in a beautiful bell tent in different locations across the UK. Weekly runners-up would receive a fantastic Żubrówka cocktail kit.

Available across all the key retailers, the promotion was communicated via neck hangers and advertised via social media. The promotion also supported the launch of Żubrówka Rosé, which had recently launched in Sainsbury’s.


The promotion runs until mid-March 2022.